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Hello & Welcome! My name is LJ and I am a Certified Psychic Medium,

Author of The Spirit of Hope, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist  in

Long Island, NY and now a Talk Show Host!!! The first season of my TV show -THE LJ SHOW aired on the Z Living Network Saturdays 8:30 am ET! We are getting ready to film season 2 this Summer! 

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The question I get asked a lot is if I always knew I was psychic and could talk to spirit. Looking back the answer is yes but I didn’t know it. As a young girl I always seemed to know things but couldn’t explain it. I always felt “different” too. I had a lot of anxiety and fear growing up and was always told I was sensitive. Now I know it’s because I could feel other’s energy and I felt what other’s felt. I used to have dreams and premonitions and couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I still have my journal from when I was little girl and it reads “P.S.- I think I’m psychic”. As a kid we have quite an imagination but this was real. Somewhere along the way that belief was put aside. I grew up but always felt like something was missing but little did I know that one day that piece to the puzzle was spirit. 


In 2013 I had a spine injury and multiple traumatic surgeries and that’s when I was “awakened”. I have undergone seven surgeries in the past seven years and in April 2018 I donated my kidney to a beautiful young girl. I thought I had lost all faith and my purpose in life. What I thought was the end was actually the beginning of an incredible journey. 

I had no idea what to do but spirit led the way &

I was guided on a path I never imagined was possible. I encountered and have learned from incredible teachers, classes, world- renowned mediums and so many positive people to help me along the way. 


Now I am glad to be different and ready to embrace these miraculous gifts. I can say aloud proudly “ I’m a psychic & medium”. I find healing and happiness in bringing others healing and happiness. Everyday I learn something new and am grateful for everyone that comes into my life- here and in spirit! 

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