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In our session I will communicate with your loved ones on the other side or provide guidance with any concerns you may have in your current life. Readings are 30-45 minutes and are available In person, on the phone, via Skype, FaceTime & Zoom. 

Do you have questions about your life, your relationships, or your goals and dreams? Can’t choose between the options in front of you? As a Psychic I offer you the ability to look into different life situations, find positive answers to your doubt and questions, and develop healthy strategies you can use as you face your life’s challenges.

*Please be mindful your purchase is 100% non-refundable. Once your payment is processed, there are no refunds offered.   If a cancellation is needed, a rescheduled date and time can be established. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

***Please note prices vary for in-person readings out of state.  Please e-mail 


Private Psychic-Mediumship Reading


Gift Certificates are available for Private readings. Please e-mail or call (516) 477-0187 to purchase a personalized gift certificate.


Gift Certificates


LJ is a proud living Kidney donor and survivor of rare health conditions. She loves to support all causes and brings healing to many people. Call (516) 477-0187 directly to let LJ know how she can help your cause!

$ varies

Fundraisers & Events 


This is an opportunity for friends and family to gather together and receive messages from their loved ones in spirit. Small group readings are minimum of 4 to a maximum 0f 8. More are welcome to attend although everyone will not be guaranteed a reading. They are usually 90-120 minutes long depending on the amount of people.  


For large events, fundraisers and venues please contact LJ (516) 477-0187 or for additional information. 

***Please note out of state prices vary. Please e-mail to inquire***

$60 p/p

Group Reading

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LJ's Book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all online bookstores! If you would like a signed copy please e-mail us at or call (516) 477-0187.


LJ's Book 

Reiki Treatment

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. We will address any questions and concerns you have prior to our session. Sessions are 30-45 minutes.

Distance Reiki:  

We agree upon a time for the session and discuss any goals you may have for the session. You may provide a picture although this is not necessary.  At the appointed time you should be sitting or lying down in a quiet comfortable place, so as not to be disturbed for the length of the session.

I prepare for the session in the same manner as for an in-person treatment. This involves clearing the healing space of any unwanted energy.  This is accomplished in a variety of ways, including the use of sage, crystals, Reiki symbols, prayer, and meditation, and of course, Intent.  Soft soothing music and aromatherapy are frequently used, just as I would in an in-person session. 


Reiki Healing 

Meditation by the Sea

In this meditation I’ll guide you to connect with a loved one you’ve been missing. Happy Meditating!!


LJ's Meditation

Disclaimer: * As legally required by state, all services are for entertainment purposes only.  By requesting a reading and/or scheduling an appointment with LJ the Medium, you understand and are acknowledge that LJ the Medium is not a medical professional, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional, and can not give medical, legal, or tax advice. LJ the medium will not be held liable for what the client chooses to do with messages brought forward.