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I actually had 2 readings at different times from LJ and she is just amazing. Both times I was blown away by her detail and evidence. Things I only knew. She was so spot on. You walk away knowing your loved one was right there communicating talking about vivid details of their life. There was just validation after validation. She is truly gifted and just amazing, accurate and detailed.


I had a fabulous reading with LJ. So much evidence and the extra special kind of reading that let's me know my husband is right here with me, just as he always was in this life. She's a delight in every way AND gives messages with great accuracy and the most loving content. It's a heart-lifting JOY to have a reading like this. So grateful. Thank you again.


I was referred by a dear friend to sit with LJ and I'm so grateful to them both. It was the perfect flow of energy (LOVE) between us all, LJ, me and my husband and Dad. Talk about a "Lovefest"! It was great fun, lots of laughter, a few tears, messages of love, and evidence beyond question. So how about this evidence: Hanging in our home is a very special gift from my husband, a photograph of a two long stem roses, one red, one white. LJ saw flowers, roses, white and red. (Red roses have been a sign from my Husband, white are from my Dad). Thanks again, LJ. Great job!

Patty J.


By mistake I got LJ mixed up with someone else with a similar name. I was looking for a past life regression originally. There are no accidents is the theme of the day. I decided to spin the roulette wheel and give the session a go, since it was booked. I am glad I did is somewhat of an understatement.

Here are my words and feelings right after the session:

Just had a session with LJ, and felt compelled to write this. I was not expecting to have such an emotional experience!  I am not a man that cries easily. Last time I cried was when I watched Field of Dreams, I have to admit, I balled like a mamma’s boy. But this experience was riveting.  Very powerful. It was an experience of both illumination & healing I felt.

She is so warm and friendly and joyful. She explains everything at the beginning and holds your hand through the experience. She explains the ABS’s of it, and how she works. What a lovely and compassionate human being.

In this session, my brother happened to show up, and so she communicated with him, through him, and its like having a conversation.

With all her sessions she summons only love and goodness. This was evoked every moment throughout...

For much of the session I was at a loss of words, trying to battle the overwhelming stream of tears and quivering lips; it wasn't easy.

LJ has a god given gift. Beyond exceptional. But she is extremely humble and sweet and so generous to share this with us. She summons pure love from beyond and facilitates their communication, but in the most loving and tender way.

I feel grateful. 

 I am still processing it all, but I feel truly moved.

With sincerest gratitude from my heart,